Ina Newton

Ina Newton Family Advocate, Prevention Education Coordinator and Trainer

Ina Newton supports not only families and children who come through First Witness for a Forensic Interview but also through crisis calls or community interactions. It is Ina’s goal to help make sure families are at the center of our coordinated response and to provide support based on the lens of the family. Often when children disclose abuse, it is the caregiver who is left to navigate a complex and at times confusing system and all their processes. Ina recognizes that every family is unique  and works to offer guidance and support through advocacy, education and healing processes that are complimentary to the needs of the family.

Ina is one of four prevention educators that provides age appropriate sexual abuse prevention in the schools for grades Pre-K through 6th using the Safe & Strong Curriculum. Additionally she does flexible presentations for parents and caregiver adult groups that cover topics such as: Age appropriate sexual behavior, grooming tactics used by perpetrators and how to talk to kids about sexual abuse.

As a trainer on Advocacy, Ina currently co-presents on Training  for Advocates Working in a Child Advocacy Center. This training currently meets 8 of the 9 essential components in the NCA Standard of Advocacy requirements. She also trains on Crisis Assessment and Interventions and Risk Assessment. For those looking to implement sexual abuse prevention education to an elementary audience, Ina also trains on the components of our Safe & Strong Curriculum.