Accepting Summer, Fall and Full Year Interns

Who We Are

First Witness is a small nonprofit with ten staff that work with a larger multidisciplinary team that responds to child abuse investigations. Staff and interns alike are expected to communicate and collaborate on a daily basis, share office space, and be flexible in their daily job functions. First Witness has a nonjudgmental environment and believes in gender equality as well as cultural humility. We serve a large and diverse population, and treat each individual with dignity and respect.


Job functions as an intern at First Witness may include, but are not limited to:

1. Work with Forensic program

a. Develop rapport and provide a safe space for children and teens that come in for a forensic interview.
b. Monitor forensic interviews
c. Support forensic and multi-disciplinary team in their response to child abuse cases

2. Work with Advocacy program

a. Provide a safe space with children when their caregiver(s) come to First Witness
b. Respond and support non offending caregivers with advocates to crisis interventions (ie medical exams, court hearings, safety planning meetings)
c. Attend prevention education, caregiver & professional presentations

3. Fundraising and help with special events

a. Solicit sponsorship and donors
b. Prepare materials for special events
c. Set up, participate in, and clean up after special events

4. Marketing/social media

a. Write blog posts and other assigned content for the First Witness website and/or other social media outlets
b. Manage social media posts/accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
c. Prepare and send out mailings

5. Research/Data

a. Find applicable information to enhance trainings ran by staff
b. Assist in data management as assigned by staff (tracking demographic information and other statistical information throughout the year, compiling data for grant-writing, etc.)

6. Office administration

a. Answer the phone which may include taking a crisis call
b. Light cleaning in conjunction with staff
c. Make copies, run errands, etc.

7. Other special tasks as assigned by staff


1. Attend First Witness trainings free of cost
2. Go to other agencies for meetings and tours

First Witness staff appreciate interns who take initiative to get things done and who channel their own passions into projects that further the mission of the agency. Intern responsibilities are relatively flexible and negotiable.

Applicable Programs

Students interested in or majoring in the following areas may benefit from a First Witness internship: social work, psychology, criminology, law enforcement, sociology, gender studies.


Minimum number of hours is 16 per week (on average) throughout the semester, with the option of taking holidays and school breaks off. 20 hours per week or more is more desirable.
First Witness is open during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Interns should be available during most business hours and be willing to have flexibility in their hours, including sometimes coming in on short notice when forensic interviews come in. Most interns are able to set their hours to work around school schedules but flexibility is much appreciated.

Quotes from past interns

“Talk about expanding my horizons! I appreciated being welcomed into the First Witness family and being able to participate in a wide variety of activities, trainings, and events. I learned more during my internship than any textbook could ever teach me.”
-Lindsay Sauer, MSW student at UMD

“I just love it here! The atmosphere created by the strong professional women here have made my learning fun and exciting, and makes me excited to come here each week.”
-Becky Loop, Human Services student at WITC

“First Witness is an organization unlike any other by the work they do, the social justice they fight for, and the amazing cohesiveness throughout the organization. I never felt less important than the First Witness staff or felt my thoughts and suggestions didn’t mean anything.”
-Paige Wright, BSW student at UMD

To apply for an internship at First Witness Child Advocacy Center, please send resumé and cover letter to:

Laura Gapske