Allie Dischinger

Allie joined the First Witness team as a summer intern in May. Allie recently graduated from the University of Minnesota of Duluth with her degree in criminology with minors in both psychology and political science in May of 2019. Allie plans to continue her education and hopes to go to graduate school for her master’s in social work. She currently works as a correction officer with vulnerable adults in the criminal justice system and hopes to eventually serve in a role helping vulnerable children in similar circumstances. Some of her hobbies include petting animals, playing tennis, and rollerblading on the Lake Walk and plans to participate in the rollerblading marathon this September. Allie has worked in many crisis intervention roles and joined First Witness to better her understanding in crisis intervention with children and further her understanding of the importance of Child Advocacy Centers in the legal system as well as the services they provide to children and families.