May 2, 2019

Forensic Interview Training

Event Date: September 23, 2019 at 9:00

Location: Duluth Institute located at 104 W Superior Street

Forensic Interview Training | 2019 Fall and Winter

First Witness is offering 2019 fall and winter Forensic Interview Training(FIT) sessions.  If you are a Forensic Interviewer, or work on a Multi-Disciplinary Team, this comprehensive training program is designed for you.

First Witness utilizes the ChildFirst® training curriculum.  This curriculum was developed to use best practices with the child in mind when interviewing.  The training for this program is presented by the forensic interviewing team at First Witness.  When they are not in the classroom providing training, they work in the field interviewing children in our region.  This keeps their own skills sharp and makes each of them a valuable resource to FIT trainees.

The Forensic Interviewers at First Witness will deliver you a compelling training that will prepare you for your work in the field.  They will answer your questions and provide insight from their own experiences as well as welcome students to explore and share their own experiences.  The opportunity to learn from each other is an additional layer of value to this already essential training.

There are scholarships available to those that qualify.  You can register HERE or reach out to our Training Coordinator at