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Employment at First Witness

Our mission is to strengthen our community’s response to child abuse, making our community   a safe place for children to grow and thrive. First Witness was established in 1993 in response to poor outcomes in child sexual and physical abuse cases. Prior to First Witness, a child victim would face multiple interviews with Law Enforcement, Child Protection Workers and Attorneys. This process was often re-traumatizing for children and seldom led to holding offenders accountable in court. Today interviews are recorded and conducted in a forensically sound, child-led, child-safe format. All the players work together to simplify the process for children and families, improving safety and the reliability of evidence. First Witness coordinates child abuse interventions and treatment through facilitating a Multi-Disciplinary Team of law enforcement, the courts, medical providers, mental health professionals, and social services.

First Witness provides comprehensive, victim driven advocacy for children and families throughout the entire process of investigation and court, ensuring families have continuity as they move from agency to agency/institution to institution. Through this, we help create access for families to medical and mental health care through linkage agreements. We provide prevention education in schools, youth-serving organizations, and shelters. We provide professional training on advocacy and forensic interviewing for Minnesotans and across the country. First Witness serves as the hub of child advocacy for Northern Minnesota. Our programming must be flexible to accommodate the diverse needs of this wide swath of families.

*First Witness does not have any positions open at this time. Please check back!