Team Development

In this training, two trainers facilitate the development and re-organization of multidisciplinary teams to strengthen the response to child abuse reports. Teams will work with trainers a month prior to training to customize an agenda based on the unique needs of the community and team. Many teams will work to develop processes and protocols that improve communication and collaboration among team members. Through the development process teams make decisions and end the day with concrete tasks to get them started on their mutually identified goals. Trainers will share recent research and best practices from around the State and Country as they may apply to different team needs. Decision makers will need to attend the training to have the best possible outcomes for moving the team’s goals forward. By strengthening the team through shared goals and concrete plans this training will help communities improve their ability to respond effectively and efficiently to child abuse reports.  All teams will receive on-going support from trainers through participation in 3 month, 6 month and one year check in phone calls and on an as needed basis.


We have a general curriculum we use when visiting Multidisciplinary teams around the state; however, we modify the curriculum to meet those present at the training. After all, this training is intended to help your specific team work efficiently together in the investigation of child abuse cases. First Witness has decades of experience working with individuals and teams from across the nation. This grant is offered once a year so contact First Witness to get on the waiting list for the next available training.


One day, 8 hours.

Training fees:

$1,500 a day plus travel  plus travel, per diem and lodging for two trainers for one night.