Thru The Eyes of an Advocate

We Are Advocates

Those three words hold so much meaning, especially here at First Witness Child Advocacy Center. It wouldn’t be possible for us to make a list of the things we do, because it’s endless.  Try to imagine what it would be like for a child who’s been sexually or physically abused, the trauma caused by that abuse….and the trauma to the family of that child in finding out something so terrible has happened. Then imagine what it’s like for a child and their family to go through the interview process, a medical exam, the investigation process, the court processes, being held accountable to social service agencies, mental health agencies, the list goes on and on. The entire journey while necessary, can be lengthy and add additional trauma to an already traumatic time.

What We Do

Here’s the bottom line; our job as Advocates is to walk through the entire process alongside kids and their families to make sure their voices are heard every step of the way. We go to court with or even for kids and families when they don’t want to face the person who committed the abuse. We go to medical exams with them, attend agency meetings with them, and help them process mountains of paperwork. We provide transportation and help get any other assistance they may need. Many times, we are the ones on the other end of the phone who will just listen when the pain and trauma of what’s happening is too much to bear alone. Our focus is on the child and their family, and making sure they have what they need to heal and to help bridge communication between the different systems involved in the process.

We Are Advocates

Together we make a difference.
Offering hope, justice and healing.  One child at a time.

Miranda Lillo,
Family Advocate
Jessica Unkelhauser,
Family Advocate and Trainer
Maddie Haeg,
Family Advocate and Trainer